If you want to find out more about Laurel Bank Support at Home either email us or         call our office and our manager or one of our senior staff will be happy to help you.
We provide a unique assisted bathing service A hoist is available where required
Laurel Bank Care
Laurel Bank Support at Home is a dedicated provider of domiciliary care services aimed at assisting elderly and infirm to continue to live in their own homes. We   provide   a   complete   range   of   services   for   those   requiring   assistance.   From   those who   only   need   support   with   shopping   or   cleaning   to   those   who   require   help   with medications  and  overnight  supervision. We   also   offer   specially   designed   assisted   bathing   facilities   where   a   member   of   our   staff   will   pick you up from your home and take you to one of our homes where they will be able to bathe in comfort and security. All   our   staff   are   encouraged   to   pursue   National   Vocational   Qualifications   and   all   staff   are   regularly   vetted   by   senior   staff to ensure that we provide care of the highest standard. We   cater   for   private   clients   in   addition   to   the   work   we   undertake   for   local   authorities   as   registered   providers.   Where funds are available from a local authority our staff are trained to assist you in applying for them. One   of   our   senior   staff   can   come   to   your   home   to   discuss   the   services   that   you   require   and   which   suit   you   best.   Many clients   initially   involve   Laurel   Bank   in   a   limited   capacity   perhaps   with   shopping   or   cleaning   and   later   choose   to   increase the  levels  of  assistance  provided.
Come and Visit. You    are    welcome    to    visit any   of   our   care   services   to understand   the   benefits   we offer. Call 0161 368 2171 or send an email   here        
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