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Come and Visit. Your   welcome   to   visit   any of    our    care    services    to understand     the     benefits we   offer.   Call   the   number above    or    send    an    email now   here        
Frequently Asked Questions “What are you visiting policies?” Our Care Homes operate an Open Door policy where visitors are welcome to come at any time without an appointment. “Are you able to cater for different dietary needs?” Yes, all dietary requirements are met. “How many personal items would my Mother/Father be able to keep with them on a long term stay?”  We encourage residents to personalise their rooms to make themselves feel more at home though the extent will be determined on the size of the room and the size of the items that you wish to bring. “Do you have any downstairs rooms as my parent struggles with stairs?” There are downstairs rooms. There are lifts and disabled access to all parts of  the  Care  Home. “What happens if my relative is taken ill in an emergency?” While taking the necessary medical steps, we would contact you as soon as   possible. “How are your staff trained in basic first aid and first level accidents?” All staff have completed the Skills for Care induction and first aid training. All team leaders have appointed first aid. “Would one person be personally aware of  my  parent’s  health?” The status of residents is recorded daily in their personalised Care  Plan. Relatives can view  the  Care  Plan. “What is the normal routine with meals?” Residents are given breakfast, lunch, dinner and a supper, all prepared on site. “Can my parent have a mobile phone?” Yes, or a land line can be fitted on request. “Do you allow pets?” Yes, preferably in ground floor rooms and depending on whether or not the pet is sociable.
Frequently Asked Questions
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